Persons who have thin legs and without volume we recommend to put a special implant for the legs with the purpose of increasing its volumen.

It is important to place the implants in the right plane, since it is often placed in a very superficial plane making it evident at first sight. The use of general anesthesia is preferred for better monitoring of the patient. An incision is realized at level of the crease of the leg therefore is very unnoticeable.

The suture are removed in 10 days approximately. A special bandage is placed and he is stimulated to use high heels for 10 days. The patient can return to his physical activities after the month.

Surgical Time: 1 to 2 hours.

Inability Time: 10 days.

Anesthesia: Epidural + Sedation.

Hospitalization: Ambulatory.

Recovery: 5 days.

Duration of Results: Permanent.


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