The surgery of the abdominal wall, known as Abdominoplasty, is a procedure performed toimprove the abdominal contour, especially in patients who have been trough several pregnancies or those patients who have lost a large weight to repair the flaccid skin that is left over secondary to the great traction.

The targets of this surgery consist of: Resection of cutaneous excess, reinforcement of the abdominal wall and provide contour of the waist. The incision has a happy face shape and goes at the supra pubic level, inside the underwear, its length changes in accordance with each case treated and can go from side to side. The bellybutton is formed again giving the final appearance a natural result.

In our team it is realized under general anesthesia for better monitoring of the patient. Normally absorbable sutures are placed, avoiding in this way the patient discomfort, nevertheless it can be necessary to lay certain external stitches which are removed in two weeks approximately. The patient is dismissed with an abdominal bandage and a drainage which are removed in 4 days approximately. The girdle must be worn by the patient for a period of one month and a half to obtain a better result. The wound care is fundamental on behalf of the patient so he can expect a fast and with no complication evolution.

Surgical Time: 2 to 3 hours.

Inability Time: 10 days.

Anesthesia: Epidural + Sedation.

Hospitalization: Ambulatory or 1 day hospitalization.

Recovery:  Work after 2 to 3 weeks. Physical exercise after 6 weeks.

Duration of Results: Permanent.


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