The buttocks surgery is indicated for patients who present small, flaccid and without life buttocks. The Brazilian Butt Lift which is a recent technique that offers natural and aesthetic results to those persons who want to increase the volume of his buttocks and who do not want implants of silicone.

The procedure consists of suctioning fat of some part of the body (hips, waist or back), and then it is injected through 2 small incisions. The fat injection helps the surgeon to mold as he wants the gluteal region giving the final appearance a more natural one.

There are many advantaged to a Brazilian Butt Lift over butt implants, including:

More natural result, it appear lifted and shapelier 
Is your own fat you don't have any allergic reaction 
Less complications and allergic reaction to silicon

For patients who do not have excess fat to remove, butt implants may be the only option. 

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Another method to improve the gluteus shape is butt implants. For this group of persons we use quartz buttock implants implants which give a major projection and the anatomical implants for a more natural and projected shape to the gluteus.

The use of epidural anesthesia is preferred for better monitoring of the patient. The incision is vertical and located in the space between the gluteus and after placing the implant, this one is almost imperceptible. The patient is dismissed of surgery with a drainage that is removed in approximately 10 days and with a special girdle for this region.

Avoid sitting down for the first 6 days and the person needs to sleep on the breast to prevent the suture opening. We insists on the hygiene since this zone is closed to the anus and can easily become infected if the patient is not careful with it. After a month the patient can return to his physical normal activities. The suture is removed in 15 days approximately.


Surgical Time: 1 to 2 hours.

Inability Time: 10 days.

Anesthesia: Epidural + Sedation.

Hospitalization: Ambulatory.

Recovery: 7 to 15 days, returning to normal activities after 10 days, more demanding activities at 4 weeks.

Duration of Results: Permanent.


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