For those persons who initiate with signs of aging, this is the “gold standard”. Due to gravity forces all tissues fall down and the medical treatments are not sufficient to obtain a good result.

The rhytidoplasty best known as face lifting, mobilize the whole facial musculature with the intention of giving the person a 10 years old more younger fresh appearance. This procedure is so popularized on a global scale that every time is practice in younger stages so that the pre and post operative changes are not so sudden and the person can obtains a very natural result.

Our plastic surgeons have been practising the C rhytidoplasty, a procedure with local anesthesia, which offers a more safer and a shorter downtime to the patient. The scars are practically invisible since they go from the scalp across the ear tragus bordering the posterior part of the ear conchae and it continues into the hairline. This procedure can be accompanied by an eyelid surgery or in a later opportunity.

The patient is dispatch out of surgery with drainages and a facial bandage. Normally this procedure is ambulatory. The suture of the preauricular region is removed at 5 days approximately and the one in the hairline and posterior region of the ears in 10 days approximately. It is important to stay away from the sun for at least one month and to constantly use sunblock.


Called Frontoplastia or forehead lift is a procedure that improves and restores the fresh and juvenile aspect of the frontal area. This procedure treats the fallen eyebrows and improves the lines of expression that make a person look tired, sad or in a bad mood. As for the downtime of this surgery, the patient in 5 days can return to his normal activity and in 4 weeks to more demanding activities. He must avoid sun for 8 weeks.

Surgical Time: 4 hours.

Inability Time: 10 days.

Anesthesia: Local + Sedation.

Hospitalization: Ambulatory.

Duration of Results: 10 to 12 years.


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