Available treatmets

  • Uprising Eyebrow
  • Hair line feed with or without brow lift
  • Advancing hairline and frontal bone remodeling
  • Fatty graft lateral frontal region (with liposuction)
  • Cheek implant
  • Fat infiltration in the upper lip (with liposuction)
  • Survey and shortening of upper lip
  • Remodeling of the jaw and chin
  • Remodeling of thyroid cartilage (Adam’s apple)
  • Uring adolescence, physical changes that generates testosterone -male sex hormone – in the body of the boys are irreversible.


The eyebrow or facial rejuvenation in the upper face, offers an amazing potential to enhance their appearance. Among the features that can be improved are the horizontal forehead lines, frown deep folds, and sagging eyebrows.

What are eyebrows and how are they treated?

As we age, our skin loses elasticity causing eyebrows tilt. Sometimes the outer brows crashes, resulting in a sad expression. In other cases, the central part crashes, pretending anger. Many people have the misconception that these symptoms require up Take eyelid, as the slope of the front can cause skin layers are made in the upper eyelid. But the solution is actually a brow lift.

“It raises the hairline brow lift?

Somehow. For example, if your eyebrows need to be higher, there is a slight elevation of the hairline. If repositioning is not necessary, or just needs fixing the lateral brow fall, changing the hairline is usually imperceptible.

What if my hair line is already very high?

If a patient has a hairline too high or a very broad front, along with the elevation of the eyebrows can make a reduction of the forehead. Move forward scalp surgery lower the hairline.

What does a female face

The front is one of the facial features more clearly indicate whether a person is male or female, in part because it occupies a large area inside the face, and partly because men are markedly different fronts of the female, although most people do not take into account.

The women’s fronts are perceived as pleasant and smooth are more partners than male ones. Usually present  round and profile views, often draw a vertical line. The male fronts, however, often draw profile views of an oblique line because the bottom is bulging projecting forward over the eyes. This lump is solid where it forms the orbital rims, but hollow in the middle of the nose where the sinuses. The height and shape of the eyebrows also differs between men and women. Male eyebrows are usually straight and low, while women are more curved and are higher with respect to the eye, usually above the orbital rim. Hairline, meanwhile, often take the form of M in men, due to the typical “inputs”, while women tend to draw a continuous arc and be closer to the eyebrows.

Facial liposculpture

Lipoinjection in some areas of the face to add volume, especially in key areas such as cheekbones, brow lines, angles of the jaw and chin.

Cheek Implant Surgery or Cheeks

Among the techniques of facial implants there is a surgical procedure thatmanages to increase the size of the cheekbones to define them and make them more prominent and harmonics in the face. This procedure is known as Cheek Implant. It is also possible to reduce the size of the cheek if necessary.

Pronounced cheekbones highlighted other features of the face, nose, mouth, eyes and give support to the soft tissues of the face by preventing sagging.Get the look harmonic and proportional to your face!

What changes generated cheek implant?
Mainly compensates for the lack of volume of harmonizing and defining cheekbones facial features, both women and men. With cheek implants in women achieving a dramatic effect because projected to be defined and accomplishes two typical characteristics of female beauty.
If this surgery is combined with Rhinoplasty is possible to bring the volume ratio between the nose and cheekbones. Cheek implant with the patient’s face looks much more harmonious and proportionate. The change is permanent and makes the patient feel and will look much better.

The FAT INFILTRATION TECHNIQUE is relatively simple: fat is removed by a miniliposucción, fat is centrifuged to remove impurities and then injected into areas where needed with various techniques as required at the time.

An important issue to consider is the VERSATILITY of the FAT grafts being studied that may have a regenerative ability as STEM CELLS that substantially improve the structures which have been injected to regenerate the surrounding cells which infiltrate, resulting in better results and improved quality of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and even muscle areas. It is important to study these fat grafts, not only for volume, but to improve aesthetic and functional structures damaged by the passage of time or external aggression (injuries, scars, sun exposure, etc) and internal (snuff, poor nutrition, etc)

In any case, are relatively simple treatments that are done on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia, without requiring a very complicated postoperative. Infiltration depends on where the product or fat require some gentle massage, ice or cold packs to reduce mild inflammation (although it is more important on the lips) and sunscreen if it appears a hematoma. Also in the subsequent tests advising you we will do what is best for you.

Survey and shortening the upper lip

The Aging can cause lengthening of the upper lip and narrowing of the lower lip. This can be solved by a simple “butterfly procedure.”

The plastic surgeon makes a small incision in the form of butterfly, to lift the upper lip. The scar will be hidden in the nose.
The surgery, which is performed under local anesthesia, takes about an hour.
The surgery will return your youthful look.

What is the reshaping of the cheeks, chin or jaw?

Cosmetic plastic surgery to change the shape of the cheeks, chin or jaw is called a facial implant. This procedure is typically done to enhance certain facial features or to bring a certain aspect of the face into proportion with the rest of it.
For the reshaping of the cheeks, chin or jaw, the surgeon inserts an implant into the area to redefine its appearance. 

Possible complications associated with facial implants

Possible complications associated with facial implants may include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Infection: As with any surgery, infection can occur. If this happens, the patient is given antibiotics to eliminate infection. If infection persists, then you have to temporarily remove the implant and replace it later.
Displacement: A facial implant could be slightly misaligned and would require a second operation to replace it in the right place.

Thyroid cartilage remodeling

Uring adolescence, physical changes that generates testosterone -male sex hormone – in the body of the boys are irreversible.

One of the most notable changes during this stage is the appearance of the Adam’s apple, a feature typical male, which is nothing more than a cartilage that protects the vocal cords than males.

The correction of this feature visible male transsexual women is a necessity, one of the simplest operations in facial feminization procedures.

Thyroid cartilage

Conducting a small cut 4cm in one of the folds of the neck, allowing the surgeon to reach the thyroid cartilage which is the excess surplus that causes swelling in the neck is cut and removed, leaving the surface smooth and feminine . A bad practice this procedure would cause a deterioration in the voice, hence the importance of a qualified physician having responsibility for the operation.

Anaesthesia and Recovery
The local anesthesia and the duration of this surgery is one (1) hour. The recovery may be done at home when it will avoid speaking.
During the first few days will feel a slight discomfort when eating, and indicative of the operation performed is only a small bandage covering the points to be removed days later by the physician.

For more simple the surgery, there is the possibility that some complications arise such as:

  • Damage to the vocal cords and voice
  • Infections due to inadequate intake or lack of antibiotics.
  • Discomfort in talking
  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia

Surgical Time: 2-3 hours.

Inability Time: 3-5 days.

Anesthesia: -Local + Sedation.

Hospitalization: Ambulatory.

Recovery: 5-10 days.

Duration of Results: Permanent.

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